about us

Geoarh, Gregor Završnik

Geoarh  helps Organizations with their Geospatial data management through the whole Data Life Cycle. Our consulting services help you manage, organize and preserve your geospatial data – the greatest treasure in the Information age. Our involvement in co-creating CEF eArchiving Specifications, tools and training materials for digital preservation of geospatial data gives us a unique position to help organizations with their geospatial preservation efforts.

The company offers consultancy and training services and supports public and private organizations, geospatial and preservation solution providers with their efforts to preserve and reuse geospatial data.

Mission statement

We help you use the data from the past to make better spatial decisions in the future.


Company history

After implementing geospatial solutions in different industries for 15 years, our leading consultant, Gregor Završnik, was contracted to work on the E-ARK project by Slovenian National Archives in order to develop strategies and specifications for digital preservation of geospatial data. When the need for services in this niche was identified, Geoarh was created in mid-2018, to work on the CEF eArchiving Building Block project and to support all the potential users with their digital preservation of geospatial data.